Accents & Dialects Masterclass +Plus Eliza’s Individualized Feedback

Learn how to master ANY accent or dialect with this comprehensive program from Eliza Jane Schneider (South Park, dialect coach to the stars). Includes Performance Labs with individualized feedback.


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What Eliza’s Students & Clients Say...

“The best resource I’ve ever seen... This class and Eliza’s amazing ear (along with her vast knowledge, compassion, patience, brilliance, and wonderfully sick sense of humor) is the best resource I’ve ever seen for dialect training. I’ve used it several times on auditions and in the studio on live bookings with great results.” — Steve Blum, Prolific character voice actor

“Eliza is a Vocal Coach Goddess! On my callback for Princess Leia in the Star Tours Ride, Disney hired Eliza to coach us on Leia’s emotional state, the pronunciation of certain Star Wars terms, the pitch, the rhythm, and of course the intermittent English accent. I ended up booking the job and many more with Disney/ Lucas Films!” — Julie Dolan, Voice of Princess Leia for Disney animation, rides, and toys

“Hands down the best of the best. I studied with Robert Easton before he passed (widely considered the top of the top) and Eliza IS the Female Robert Easton. Her understanding and ability to convey information about dialects is beyond remarkable. I learned more from her in ONE lesson than in multiple sessions from even Robert!” — Alyson Steel, Professional Voice Actress